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26650 A123 ANR26650M1A lifepo4 battery cell 3.3V 2300mAh
The ANR26650M1-A is the first generation of A123 Systems’ pioneering 26650 cylindrical cell. This versatile lithium ion cell is suitable for a wide variety of applications and system designs. Proven performance in the toughest conditions, combining durability, reliability, and safety, the ANR26650 cell offers an excellent combination of price-performance.

1.   Cell Dimensions(mm): 25.85mm(D)*65.15mm(H)
2.   Cell Weight(g): 70
3.   Nominal Capacity: 2300mAh

4.   Voltage(nominal,V): 3.3V
5.   Internal impedance(1kHz AC typical,mΩ): 6
6.   HPPC 10 Sec Discharge Pulse Power 50% SOC: 200W
7.   Recommended standard charge method: 1C to 3.6V CCCV, 45 min
8.   Recommended fast charge Method to 80% SOC: 4C to 3.6V CC,12 min
9.   Maximum continuous discharge(A): 70
10. Maximum Pulse discharge(10 seconds,A): 120
11. Cycle life at 10C discharge, 100% DOD: Over 1,000 cycles
12. Operating temperature range: -30°C to +55°C
13. Storage temperature range: -40°C to +60°C