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5S4P lifepo4 battery pack a123 16V 10ah lithium iron phosphate battery
1. A123 systems quality lifepo4 rechargeable cell ANR26650M1B
2. Composed Type: 5S4P lifepo4 battery pack
3. Nominal Voltage: 16.0V
4. Nominal Capacity: 10.0Ah
5. OEM Accepted
6. Excellent spot welding service from KeepPower
1.   Type: Pack
2.   Model: 5S4P LiFePo4 16.0V 26650 battery pack
3.   Cell: A123 systems ANR26650M1B 3.3V 2500mAh
4.   Chemistry: LiFePo4
5.   Nominal Voltage: 16.0V
6.   Nominal Capacity: 10.0Ah
7.   Minimum Capacity: 9.6Ah
8   Cycle Life: >1000cycles
9.  Operating Temperature: -30°C to 55°C
10.  Storing Conditions: -40°C to 60°C
11.  Weight: Approx.1.54KG
12.  Customized Options: Dimension/Connector...etc.